About Us

About Us

Founded in 2017, GlowHouse Gaming, Inc. is a fast-growing startup gaming and entertainment company that partners with video game and esports organizations to develop pop-up events inside and outside venues. By combining a glow-in-the-dark atmosphere with the latest and most popular video game titles, gaming consoles, high-end gaming PCs, a stage for competitions, live DJ, party headphones, webcasting, and a lineup of friendly and knowledgeable staff, the GlowHouse Gaming team has created a one-of-a-kind gaming experience!



Our mission is to provide a face-to-face, interactive experience; making gaming more social, inclusive and diverse. GlowHouse Gaming’s events are specifically designed so that teenagers can enjoy socializing with peers of their own age inside an exciting glow-in-the-dark atmosphere… plush comfortable seating, perfect for hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.



Our vision is to be known as “the place to be” for social and competitive amateur gaming events in Southern California; where middle school and high school teens can connect with their friends for casual in-person game play to compete for cool prizes or start at beginner-level and develop their skills to earn collegiate scholarships.

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We hope to #CREATE a strong foundation
and appreciation for gaming


Support the local gaming scene and help gamers connect within their community to meet new friends and teammates with an affordable inclusive experience for all.


Recognize and reward teens who participate and achieve success in gaming and academics.


Design unique experiences that appeal to the diverse entertainment interests of teens through gaming, technology and music.


Create a socially focused atmosphere with passionate energy that other gaming events struggle to match.


Be a leader and trendsetter in providing teen esports events and opportunities.


Develop teen gamers into collegiate superstars who will earn esports and/or STEM-related academic scholarships.


In addition to branded LAN party events, GlowHouse Gaming will also host leagues, tournaments, workshops, school field trips and girl-gamers’ camps. We will work together with several community partners and sponsors to broaden and improve diversity across the gaming and tech industries by ensuring that players have the tools and top-of-the-line equipment necessary to play their best, but also allow students to be their best through scholarship and internship opportunities.

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